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Years ago, before we created our website Shop Hatchery, we were so inspired to try out various kinds of new ingredients and recipes. It came to our mind that we want to be creative and experimental to create different yummy food made from the highest quality ingredients. That is why we really worked hard to travel around the country and search for numerous ingredients we can use. We always wanted to create the best-tasting recipes and we achieved that with the help of many passionate farmers and artisans. They also wanted nothing but to help us create as many as possible homemade recipes and ingredients we can think of.

Because we succeeded in searching for the best ingredients and creating delicious food, we wanted to share them to a lot of people. This is the reason why this website, Shop Hatchery, was made. We created this website to share our successful products, recipes and ingredients to everyone. We are fascinated to teach you and let you recreate what we have done through our step-by-step videos and tutorials. We also wanted to let people appreciate the fact that homemade recipes are better than those that are mass produces. The quality is better and the taste is the best.

But then after a year, people wanted to buy. We never thought of selling our creations at first but since people suggested we should, we tried doing it. Most of them were happy with our products and we were so glad to share them to all of you.

We’ve now come up with memberships too and we want to give you a great experience with this. By joining, people can receive different products or ingredients occasionally. It is also a great way of spreading our hard work and sharing these to many of you.

We are very happy to share our creations to all of you. Thank you for showing interest in our website and shopping or learning with us too.

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